Our mission at Patriot General Engineering, Inc. is to provide our clients with professional and technical expertise amid the site development and general engineering industry. We have the experience, personnel, equipment and knowledge to ensure the highest level of quality. We appreciate any and every opportunity to serve the needs of our clients as they relate to our demonstrated area of expertise in the general engineering arena. Our utilization of established core values deliver responsive solutions to our clients.

Patriot General Engineering strives to be world class in safety.  Our safety policies keep our employees trained and updated on all applicable Federal, State, and Local requirements. By virtue of transparent communication throughout our employee network, we maintain safety as a top priority.

Our core values define Patriot General Engineering’s workforce culture. These core values create an environment of empowered and motivated employees dedicated to achieving our goal of client satisfaction. Patriot General Engineering promotes responsive, innovative, and responsible decisions from our retinue.



We believe in leading by example and owning our actions. Our clients, employees, and community depend on our responsible decision making before, during, and notably after every project.

We believe in honesty and keeping within the highest standards of our core values and moral principles.

We believe in the dedication of services to our clients. We have an obligation to deliver on our asseverations.

We believe the development of new ideas and methods for company processes. This is to the benefit of our clients, employees, and company.

Continuous Improvement
We believe that every process conducted by our company can be improved, simplified, or eliminated. We will continuously seek the knowledge of process improvement.

Client Satisfaction
We believe in taking pride in our ability to exceed client expectations through quality, competence, and efficiency.

We believe and promote the avoidance of complacency throughout our organization. Our dedication to safety encompasses all forms and conditions of production.