Patriot General Engineering believes in the importance of giving back to the people. We are proud to be an organization which extends help to those who need it most. Not only does helping those in need build character and ethical responsibility within our company, but we also try to provide a leading example for others to emulate in our communities.



Patriot General Engineering is proud to donate to local and widespread societies, foundations, charities, and funds. Our donations include but are not limited to:

American Red CrossRed Cross SocietyYMCA
American Combat Veterans Of WarAmerican Heart AssociationThe Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
U.S. Naval Sea Cadet CorpsThe California AMVET VoiceThe Clearity Foundation
California Narcotic Officers' AssociationABC Amateur AthleticsAmerican Cancer Society
National Association Of Chiefs Of PoliceCaring for our Children FoundationBurn Institute
Boys and Girls ClubGrossmont Hospital FoundationSharp HospiceCare Fund
Veterans Research AllianceFestival of Children FoundationHeart A Soldier
Luke's WingsSPRITES of East CountyRides for ALZ
Mt. Helix Runnin' RebelsFriends of Ballona Wetlands1st Reconnaissance Battalion