Patriot General Engineering has taken a strong proactive stance on safety. From our President to workers in the field, safety is the top priority at work and home. Patriot General Engineering is always looking for the newest safety technology while implementing innovative safety techniques to ensure our projects are completed as safe and productive as possible.

Our team has an established and effective safety program that starts with the pre-hire orientation and followed by daily safety meetings, daily vehicle inspections, weekly management meetings, safety audits, and transparent communication throughout the workforce.

Patriot General Engineering has established safety training with multiple companies and also partnered with the UCSD OSHA Training Institute, Southern California Utility Safety Alliance, our insurance companies, and BBSI to establish our constantly evolving safety program.

Our Company motto of “Safety First” signifies the importance of safety and is a commitment to all employees and customers. We will strive to be the safest and most reliable company in the industry keeping in compliance with OSHA/CalOSHA.